Electricity production for injection in the distribution network.

LTP Energy, SA bet on the installation of large photovoltaic plants for the production of electrical energy and subsequent injection into the distribution network.

LTP Energy, SA offers solutions type “key-in-hand,” Study, Project, Installation and Commissioning.

Through this system we aim to contribute to the reduction of the electricity deficit in Angola.



Kit individual’s for energy production from photovoltaic panels with storage.

Can run on direct current (DC) and / or investment in Alternating Current (AC).

In Angola we still have a large number of people without access to electricity, so LTP Energy, SA bets on stand-alone installations. There are Kit’s various powers being possible to use in different situations, from which we highlight, schools, medical clinics, police stations and private homes.

These facilities can produce electricity for:


  • Installations
  • Lighting electric pumps
  • Household appliances
  • Computer equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • Others…

Public lighting is used throughout the night, which implies large consumption.

In this sense LTP Energy, SA met partners with high knowledge and holders of the best technology to develop the best solutions.

In this respect we present the most diverse solutions to public roads, public spaces, gardens, parks and decorative lighting.

Autonomous lighting columns with various configurations in height and available fixtures.

It is made up of the shaft (iron or wood), light, photovoltaic panels, batteries and charge control system and lighting control. The shaft may have between 3 and 10 meters high.

It allows a range of 3 to 5 days, with daily use of 12 hours.

The panels, battery and charge controller are calculated according to the installation location, the type of use and the operating conditions (temperature and humidity).


Installation of solar pumps for water intake holes, swimming pools, irrigation systems (for expressor or a drip)

The supply of drinking water to the population is a major concern in Angola, so the LTP Energy presents the ideal solution by placing solar electric pumps.

These pumps are powered with electricity generated by solar panels, and without the placement of batteries, so they can be placed in any zone because it does not require connection to the mains.

Usually electric pumps systems work with power through the power grid, the new solar electric pump system runs from the PV generator, so when solar radiation falls on the generator (solar panel) solar electric pump receives a certain amount of current and starts to work.



Solar thermal kit for hot water production

The energy consumed to heat water is about 50% of the total housing consumption.

Thermal Solar Kit produces hot water only by the sun.

LTP Energy, SA offers several solutions for homes, spas, gyms, hotels.



All kind of lamps and LED lamps 230V AC or DC 12/24 for stand-alone installations or connected to the network.

Solutions and according to customer needs.



Equipment for operation in autonomous systems

LTP Energy, SA offers all kinds of equipment for operation in autonomous systems.

The power supply is carried out at 12 / 24V DC installation of voltage inverter is not necessary, with no losses on the transformation of energy.


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