About LTP Energy

With a model based performance in a proximity policy and the creation of a trust, the LTP Energy seek to respond to our customers’ needs, designing and installing electricity generation systems tailored to the needs of each project.


Through the implementation of clean and efficient energy systems for lighting, water pumping, hot water production and electricity generation, we contribute to sustainable development by optimizing the consumption of energy resources and improving the well-being of people.


In LTP Energy we always try to be at the forefront of technological level, through active collaboration with leading suppliers worldwide, thus ensuring the supply of solutions that meet the most stringent quality standards and that allow us to add value to our projects.


With the experience gained over many years of work, which is reflected in the rigor placed on each of the projects that are part of our portfolio, we believe that LTP Energy will earn your trust.

General framework

LTP Energy, SA is prepared to act in various areas, photovoltaic energy, wind and water, water, air conditioning, Telecommunications Infrastructure, marketing electrical products and thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems.

Equipped with a highly qualified technical team.

Projection and Activity

The last few years were devoted to building a solid foundation that will allow us a look of confidence in the future.

In addition to building our own facilities, we have assembled a dynamic team, qualified and able to achieve the objectives pursued.

The knowledge of the country and raising energy needs was an important step was when we started. In partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Water, the National Directorate of Renewable Energy and the Governments Provinces, did surveys in much of the territory. Here are some of our work.